I’ve been involved in the Atlanta design community for 25 years as a manufacturer dealing with architects and designers on large-scale commercial projects. When it came to my own home, a loft in Inman Park, I chose Donna as my personal designer. She understood my vision, was helpful and tactful, and gave my home sophistication, contemporary style and artistic flair. Donna is talented and a pleasure to work with. She offers a new perspective, global ideas and an artistic viewpoint, based in her former career as a museum curator, that are invaluable.

Michael Nay, President, Innovate – Inspire, Atlanta, GA

Donna did an excellent job with the colors, finishes, lighting and furnishings for the Peak 8 Penthouse. Her work was innovative and complimented my architecture very well. I am looking forward to another opportunity to work with her.

Michael F. Gallagher, Architect, LEED AP, Breckenridge, CO

New Mood Design helped us remodel our 1970s home. It was important to maintain the integrity of our architect-designed home. Donna added value on so many levels – from pure design to technical details. The result is a beautiful space that blends seamlessly with our home’s existing architecture! Her initial presentation was well thought through, very detailed and inclusive of everything we’d discussed up front. She incorporated my ideas and delighted me with options that went above and beyond what I imagined. Donna was instrumental in helping us with the initial space planning and the selection of all finishes and fixtures. My only regret is that I didn’t include Donna in the final construction phase of the project as I’m sure her attention to detail would have been very useful. Donna’s timeliness and respect for our budget made the experience one that I would repeat again. Donna adds real value from the planning through to the final outcome.

Jennifer Ladds, Vice-President, Moxie Interactive, Atlanta, GA

My home was nice before I hired New Mood Design for interior decoration services. I needed new furnishings, antiques and fine art, yet I truly didn’t expect how Donna would transform my home so beautifully. I love it. Donna was at all times professional and amiable. If I had an idea, she made it happen. Also, her ideas were so unique and fresh; I was always excited to see what she’d suggest during the year we worked together. Donna stayed on budget and gave my home that extra personal touch. It feels more like me now. New Mood Design’s clients are very fortunate to have Donna’s special talent and guidance.

Rachel Little, Kingsport, TN

Donna is highly creative with her interior design projects, and also keeps the client’s needs in mind. We built and installed custom cabinet and shelf units designed by Donna. She involved me in the design and construction details before we started building, so the client would have a well-executed product delivered in record time. I value her open and collaborative approach, and look forward to working with her on many future projects.

Vykintas Genys, President, Genys Construction, Atlanta, GA

I worked with Donna when I was lead architect completing the design and construction administration of the Shaw Center for the Arts, Baton Rouge. Donna was the Louisiana State University Museum of Art’s newly hired Deputy Director. During the design and construction process, the scope of the museum’s program changed often due to changes in LSU MOA’s executive leadership. Schwartz/Silver’s design strategy, to meet the Shaw Center’s construction deadline and fixed opening date, was to provide a “white box” solution for the exhibit halls. It was under these high-pressure, time-sensitive circumstances that I worked with Donna. She capably managed the design team, both in-house and contracted experts, for the new museum’s exhibit spaces, directing all aspects of design related to the spaces and the exhibition. Donna is a creative design professional who will work closely with the client to achieve outstanding results. She proved to be creative, hardworking, knowledgeable, schedule driven, and budget responsive during the most important moments for the LSU Museum of Art, when it mattered the most.

Christopher B. Ingersoll, LEED AP, Schwartz/Silver Architects, Boston, MA

I’ve had the great privilege to work with Donna on multiple projects over many years. She is an exceptionally gifted and talented visionary, able to conceptualize and manage highly involved, detailed projects with a laser-like focus on purpose, detail and execution. Donna is a consummate professional, consistently over-delivering on all aspects of her involvement. Her ability to transform space through color, light and composition is equally valuable in her roles as a curator and designer. Donna influenced the approach I take in my own profession regarding attention to detail, focus, timeline, budget and purpose. I’m grateful to have worked with her, learned from her, and shared in the successes of her ambitious and effective projects.

Charles Cousins, Creative Direction – Team Lead, SMART Technologies, Calgary, AB

Donna is a superior project manager and a visionary. She joined the LSU Museum of Art as Deputy Director eight months before the museum was scheduled to move from the university campus to the new Shaw Center for the Arts downtown. When Donna arrived, the museum had no clear curatorial vision for the inaugural exhibitions, few employees, and no plan for the relocation logistics. Donna provided a vision for the new exhibition galleries to highlight the best objects in the collection and created a coherent curatorial theme honoring the history of the museum and its donors. She quickly hired workers and assembled a team of Louisiana and nation-wide experts to research the collection, design and fabricate cases and props, write interpretive signage, pack and move the collection, create the lighting design, and install the exhibitions and the collection in the new museum. Donna developed and oversaw the budget, implemented the project’s timeline, and edited the exhibition publication for the new building’s inauguration. She achieved all this in a few months. It was a masterpiece of project management. Because of her organizational skills and successful team management, the museum opened in its new building on time and with high quality exhibitions, despite numerous obstacles.

Fran Huber, Assistant Director, Collections Management, LSU Museum of Art, Baton Rouge, LA